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Writer's Block: Stomach pains

2011 Jul. 10th | 10:00 am

If you had to participate in an eating contest, what food would you pick to eat?

I always say I would try to do one of those "If you can eat this RIDICULOUSLY EEEEENORMOUS steak in a tiiiiiiny amount of time... IT'S FREE~!!" type contests because, even if I didn't finish it in the allotted time, I would still be eating steak. :D

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* Hello June *

2011 Jun. 9th | 11:44 am
Feeling: cheerful cheerful
Listening to : : ADELE - He Won't Go

It's already June?!? JUNE? JUNE!
It's hard to believe that half the year is already over.
In October I bought a secondhand iPod Touch and thought that was going to be my nudge to get back into journal writing but I learned two things: I burn out the battery playing games before finding anything interesting to write about and I hate the keyboard on all Apple iProducts.

Which brings me to now: on Memorial Day I purchased a new HP laptop for just $249 from a really good friend at Best Buy. My old laptop had deteriorated so much that I didn't even realized how much I was avoiding PC use. This new laptop makes me feel like I'm actually keeping up with technology. Obviously, this isn't true because this laptop was on clearance/was already an "old" model. But it's new to me! :D

Unfortunately, with the use of Facebook, I don't feel like I was really out of the loop. But I am curious. What's been going on? How are you? Why are you still reading this? Are you having a good hair day? I promise, if you leave me a comment, I'll write back tomorrow. :)

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*it's like the fuuuuuuture*

2010 Oct. 22nd | 06:35 pm
Feeling: 元気 元気

Making this post from my iPod Touch! :D I'm gonna keep in better touch because I can be online and with my puppies at the same time!! This is so awesome :)

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2010 Jul. 8th | 10:36 am
Feeling: calm calm

I miss Lida.
A lot.
Not Dacco-Lida.
But PLC-Lida.
Or, you know, the REAL-Lida.

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* i actually....*

2010 May. 24th | 12:07 am
Feeling: cold cold

tried zoosk and got zero feedback...that's pretty depressing. actually...to be honest one person tried to contact me...his profile said 35 but his photos said 60+...i think maybe his birth year was 1935? i could jump off a bridge from how low i've been feeling lately.

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* boneses *

2010 May. 20th | 03:27 am
Feeling: blank blank

I just finished watching Season One of *Bones* on streaming netflix... I had already seen 7 of the 22 episodes on TV... so that's quite a few new episodes~! I really reeeaaaalllly enjoy this show... even though Dr. Sweets (portrayed by the adorable John Francis Daley) isn't even a character on it yet. I'm starting Season Two now, even though it's 3:30AM because I can't sleep. Too many things for me to think and think over and feel and deny that I'm feeling. I think I've had too much chocolate today.

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* k - k - k - k - killin' it *

2010 May. 19th | 01:14 pm
Feeling: confused confused

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm pretty good at telling jokes. Well, maybe not jokes..but I can make you laugh. That's my thing. I am good at making people laugh. But lately, I have been killing it. In a bad bad way. I kill jokes. You know that person that takes it one step too far so that the hahaha turns into huh? AGHHHHH I don't know what it is!! I keep saying that extra little something that makes everything not funny any more. I feel like I'm not myself now-a-days. I wish I could wash this feeling off. *scrubba scrubba* siiiiighhhhh~

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* Love is Definitely in the Air *

2009 Nov. 30th | 04:44 pm
Feeling: loved loved

So... in July, my friend is getting married.

And I'm gonna be a bridesmaid~!

So, she entered into a contest for a wedding covering up to $100,000.

Link ::HERE::

Please read the profile and leave a comment saying how much they deserve this wedding.


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Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

2009 Nov. 11th | 01:17 pm
Feeling: bouncy bouncy

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

If I could listen to one CD for the rest of my life I would probably choose Psycho le Cemu's *Frontiers* CD because it was so pivotal in changing my life and my passions.

Let's speculate on how different everything would have been for me, had PLC not gone with the all white theme that caught Laura's eye while she was looking through other CDs. Without *Frontiers* Laura would never have gotten into PLC and might have become a hard-core AYUMI girl. *eep* I would have never heard *Gekiai Merry-Go-Round* which helped convince me to go to AnimeOverDose in San Fransisco with Laura. We never would have taken our very first *just-the-two-of-us-we-are-so-totally-adults-now* trip to SF to see them in concert. (Which, consequently, also taught us that we could BOTH live off a $10/day budget on food. LOL~) Our parents probably wouldn't have allowed us to go to Japan that following Christmas, by ourselves, had we not proven that we wouldn't end up going with a crazy serial killer. I would never have caught AYA's guitar pick at the second concert. We would have never fallen in love with furitsuke if we hadn't seen YURAsama and AYA doing *Yume Kazaguruma* live. We wouldn't have learned about (and become completely obsessed with) the PLC members' personalities without watching *King of Tsuuhan* at the PLC fan-run panel. I wouldn't have changed my favorite member from DAISHI to Lida (and Laura: AYA to seek) had we not gone to their Q and A session. I would never have found out that I love the color orange and that I look damn good in it. LOL~ We would have never gotten Shara into PLC. We would never have traveled Japan a second time to follow their farewell tour. We never would have collected so many tour goods~! We wouldn't have become close to so many different fans via livejournal. We wouldn't even have livejournals had the American fan base not set up here~! We woudln't have become friends with Nora, Sheena or Noreene (and I guess John and Harry too). So many different outcomes.

All that and the fact that I own 5 copies of the CD means I never have to worry about losing it or not knowing where I can get the tracks if ever my iPod breaks.

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2009 Nov. 6th | 10:37 pm
Feeling: cold cold

This month is NaNoWriMo... National Novel Writing Month.

I decided to take part a little late in the game, but I'm trying. LOL

So, for NaNoWriMo, you try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. That breaks down to 1,666.67 words PER DAY from November 1st to 30th. I started on the 3rd. LOL Way to give myself a bad start. But I'm not writing COMPLETELY from scratch. I decided to take an old fanfic that I never finished and flesh it out into a novel. I'm already up to 477 words and I haven't even copied all that I had written before yet.

YAY~ I hope I finish because so many people don't and its my first time.

Here's a little excerpt that I wrote that made me laugh:
One day, Daishi had been sent in from recess for kissing a little girl on the playground and making her cry, only to find the classroom empty except for Tatsuya...

Hehe. Okay...time for more writing~!

Wish me luck~!

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